The Brass Tax Cooperative is part record label, part production company and completely committed to getting superlative Northwest music on the scene and in the ears of hungry listeners nationwide.

We support music that keeps storytelling at it’s core, showcases cultivated, unprocessed talent, and employs innovative arrangements to achieve a unique auditive experience.

Our vision is to be a new kind of record label. We understand that great music rarely makes great waves on its own--it takes gazillions of man hours, even more loyal fans, and a supportive community to be heard.

Rather than building a wall with bands and a label on one side and fans and supporters on the other, Brass Tax invites everyone to join in the effort of making great music happen. Our members support our projects, get cool stuff, and share ownership in the success of the music they believe in.

The Brass Tax Cooperative is currently working with two great Seattle bands: The Thoughts and The Monday Mornings.


The Brass Tax Cooperative
1111 East Pike Street
Seattle, WA 98122

(206) 714-2038

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The Thoughts, Consider the Bear

The Thoughts

The Thoughts are master musicians and storytellers pushing the boundaries of their instruments. With lyrics that move your mind, melodies that move your soul and drums that move your body, The Thoughts capture a sound that is visceral and haunting.

The Monday Mornings, Swallow Down the Days

The Monday Mornings

Described as "one of the best new voices in indie rock" (West Coast Performer Magazine), Michael Mearns is a storyteller speaking in sumptuous folk harmonies with a backdrop of intricate guitar melodies, eccentric percussion, and wandering strings.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a members of Brass Tax?

The legal logistics of membership are proving a bit tricky, so formal membership is on hold until we sort out the details. We have used great resources like Kickstarter.com (see our project here) to build community support and funding for our current work in the meantime. If you’re interested in becoming a member, sign up for our mailing list and we’ll keep you in the loop as things all get sorted out! (emails are no more than once a month)

How else can I get involved?

We are a grassroots, DIY kind of shop and we never turn away a helping hand. We can always use help writing press releases, designing show posters, putting up said show posters, the works. Send an email to Katie@BrassTaxCoop.com and we’ll find a place for you.

Can my band be part of Brass Tax?

Rubber is just hitting the road for Brass Tax and we are not in a position to take on new bands at this point. However, in true cooperative spirit, we’re happy to help answer some questions and offer pointers on the things that have worked well for us to date. Send an email to Katie@BrassTaxCoop.com and we’ll see how we can help.

Katie M. Mosehauer
The Brass Tax Cooperative
(206) 714-2038

The Brass Tax Cooperative is a cooperative record label run by musicians, for musicians.